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*What are instagrammable hotels / spots?

Instagrammable spots are photo spots that stand out due to their uniqueness.

Through the combination of decoration, color concept and symmetry, these locations invite you to take photos that are particularly suitable for distribution via social media.
Such photo spots can be found in companies, such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, as well as in nature or public places.

#What return does this bring me as a hotel?

Bloggers today generally DO NOT specifically look for hotels when they search for Instagram Spots.

Why not? Quite simply: Because until now there was no way to do so.

Once they have decided on a location, they look for the right accommodation via the classic booking platforms – and then end up „somewhere“ – selection criteria such as price, ratings, breakfast etc. are manifold, but also applicable to a mass market.

But you have invested: In a particularly unusual or conspicuous area in your house.

And why not use THAT to inspire the guests of tomorrow even before they have gone to any booking platform?

With meisight, we also direct interested parties to the booking platforms, but then only for booking – and not for comparison. Because there is no way to compare your unique selling point: your very own Instagram Spot, which allows guests to show their fans on social media what great accommodation they have found.

With meisight you not only get more guests, but also free advertising about the guests who have chosen your hotel for this very motif.

Currently there is no platform except meisight, where interested parties can search specifically for hotels with instagrammable photo spots and hotels can present themselves exactly with this unique selling point to this constantly growing target group.








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meisight is a blogger community with a steadily increasing number of influencers. Hotels can benefit from this collective reach.


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meisight users love instagrammable spots and are always looking for new ones. Hotels can present themselves on meisight with this spot and thus become a sought-after hotspot for bloggers.

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